chelsea bird
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chelsea bird

artist + yoga teacher
seattle, washington



jewelry + adornment

I have been silversmithing, designing, + making jewelry for over half my life…and drawing + creating with my hands since before I can even remember.

I call my line of handmade jewelry + adornment birdie — for my own middle name — but also in honor of my Great Grandma Birdie, with whom I share that middle name. birdie is an exploration of my passions + inspirations… where I’ve come from, and where we’re all going. It’s an expression of my own purpose, and I hope sharing the work with you encourages, supports, and empowers yours.



RYT-500 — creative vinyasa flow, grounded in self awareness + embodiment

I fell in love with yoga because of how it makes me feel about myself and the world around me. Yoga, over and over again, brings a sense of perspective, strength, and oneness to my life. I teach a nurturing, fluid, and creative vinyasa flow that brings focus to feelings over shapes. My intention is for my students to gain connection, awareness, and autonomy in their practice — leading to strength, embodiment, and a deeper understanding of themselves. I hope that people leave class more in tune with their minds and bodies — grounded, open, loved, and alive.

let’s flow

7pm spirit flow

at bohemian studios — phinney ridge

5:15pm spirit flow

at bohemian studios — phinney ridge


the craft of teaching yoga
200 hours w/ Adrienne Rabena
Seattle, Washington 2017

brahmani yoga level 2
300 hours w/ Julie Martin + Emil Wendel
Anjuna, Goa, India 2016

shakti spirit yoga level 1
200 hours w/ Rachel Hull + Emil Wendel
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia 2011



{pulse} yoga retreats

Our philosophy on retreat is the same as our philosophy on the mat. Your body knows how it wants to move. Your heart knows how it wants to explore. We're here to guide you, but mostly to offer supported space to learn on your own, to connect in your way.⁠

Michelle, Kristina, Karen, + I offer these retreats as a space to return to yourself… to reconnect to whatever it is that moves you.