chelsea bird


Chelsea bird hoard // artist, designer, yoga teacher

A Michigander at heart, I live + work in Seattle, Washington, where the fresh air and beautiful communities of the Pacific Northwest have given me a second home. I live in possibility – inspired by people and art, travel and words. I feel most alive when I'm experiencing a new place. I breathe easiest in alpine air. I'm happiest surrounded by loved ones. I feel most myself in my yoga practice, or when I'm making something beautiful and unique.




Chelsea Bird Yoga, RYT-500 // creative vinyasa flow — grounded in self awareness + embodiment

I fell in love with yoga because of how it makes me feel about myself and the world around me. Yoga, over and over again, brings a sense of perspective, strength, and oneness to my life. I teach a nurturing, fluid, and creative vinyasa flow that brings focus to feelings over shapes. My intention is for my students to gain connection, awareness, and autonomy in their practice — leading to strength, embodiment, and a deeper understanding of themselves. I hope that people leave class more in tune with their minds and bodies — grounded, open, loved, and alive.

the craft of teaching yoga

200 hours w/ Adrienne Kimberley
Seattle, Washington 2017

brahmani yoga level 2

300 hours w/ Julie Martin + Emil Wendel
Anjuna, Goa, India 2016

shakti spirit yoga Level 1

200 hours w/ Rachel Hull + Emil Wendel
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia 2011









pulse yoga retreats

The “pulse” of Pulse Yoga Retreats is connection. It’s about hearing the echo of your breath in the ebb + flow of the sea... recognizing your heartbeat in the rhythm of a new place. This connection is what calls us to explore. It’s what calls us to practice, and make our way forward. It’s why we dream and give our time to love + friendship. It’s why we’re pulled toward the lush mountain forests, and why we stand in awe next to the ocean. This connection - to ourselves and everything else - is our collective aliveness, our collective breath, our collective joy, and our collective strength.

Michelle + I offer these retreats as a space to return to yourself… to reconnect to whatever it is that moves you.





Birdie // jewelry + adornment

I have been silversmithing, designing, and making jewelry for over 15 years. Jewelry design has taught me patience and craftsmanship – and to this day, the work allows me to surprise myself. My current focus is on my passion project — birdie — but I also love to work with clients on custom pieces. Please feel free to get in touch if you'd like to discuss creating something special.

birdie is a culmination of all my passions. It is a handmade line of jewelry + adornment inspired by heritage, connection, and the cosmos. Through birdie I hope to live out + continue creating my purpose, as well as encourage, support, and empower others in doing so.


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