sean + haley's wedding bands

There aren’t really words to express what an honor it is to create an object as important as a wedding band for anyone — let alone for your very own sister and the love of her life.

We decided on two small rings for Haley, one in rose gold and one in sterling silver, in a hand hammered and matte finish. They look lovely stacked or sandwiching her custom Ruth Tomlinson engagement ring. But they also look great one at a time, or even on their own whenever it doesn’t make sense to wear her diamonds out and about.

Sean’s ring is also made of sterling silver and rose gold. We finished it with oxidation so the hand hammered texture really pops, and Haley requested we leave a little love note for him on the inside of the ring.

*sigh*… Oh, my heart, what a special project.

custom workChelsea Bird Hoard
true north necklace

My sister wanted a meaningful necklace to compliment her farmhouse wedding — something simple, but free-spirited + whimsy enough to match the magical day.

We decided on a delicate, double chain necklace featuring a smattering of small stars. There are two extra special charms hanging among the rose gold constellations — one stamped with an ‘S’ for Sean, her husband-to-be, and one stamped with the image of a compass, because she refers to Sean as her true north.

The necklace glimmers just the right amount in the light, which paired perfectly with the fairy lights and warm glow of the late September evening.

custom workChelsea Bird Hoard
stephanie's wedding day earrings

I was lucky enough to sit down with Stephanie while we designed a pair of statement earrings worthy of her wedding day. We talked about her plans for the big party she and her soon-to-be husband were throwing in Greece… her silver sequined dress… the Cher vibes she wanted to emanate on the big day… and, inspired by a few of my own pieces, we sketched and doodled our way to these cosmic show stoppers. Asymmetrical, 14k gold-filled, and 100% Stephanie. I had a lot of fun with these babies, and I think she had an even better time wearing them.

intersection bridal party rings

A thoughtful bridesmaid, and an artist herself, commissioned a set of 7 of these handmade sterling silver rings for the 7 women who made up the bridal party she was a part of. The concept behind these cuties, and the inspiration for the hand cut criss-cross design, was the idea of intersection, or coming together. Weddings have a wonderful way of bringing all of our favorite people into one, joyful meeting place… I’m honored to have been pulled into that special bond in this small way.